• Fourth floor, main location
  • Sixth floor, main location
  • Seventh floor, main location
  • Donkey location

Each location offers a whole bunch of events!

Moe moe janken (rock-scissors-paper) contest

Moe moe janken (rock-scissors-paper) contest

Janken-pon! Play moe moe janken (rock-scissors-paper) at @Home!

The moe moe janken (rock-scissors-paper) contest is a fun event that may start up at any time.

The last person standing in the rock-scissors-paper contest wins a Gacha token that can be redeemed in a capsule prize vending machine for original @Home Cafe merchandise. Note: You can win Gacha tokens by defeating a maid in an @Counter game.

The prizes in the capsule vending machines are available only at @Home Cafe. Masters and mistresses of the house should take this opportunity to get special prizes unavailable in shops.

Hitomi’s special moe moe janken (rock-scissors-paper) lesson



Play games against a maid for three minutes: 500 yen

Try playing games against a maid! If you win, you can get moe moe coins that you can use to win prizes in a capsule prize vending machine!

The prizes in the capsule vending machines are original @Home merchandise.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take on this challenge♪



Snapshot with a maid: 500 yen

You can take a snapshot with your favorite maid, as a souvenir of your visit to @Home Cafe.

Note: Snapshots are not available with some maids.



☆☆Celebrate your birthday at @Home Cafe!☆☆

@Home Cafe has some small presents waiting for masters and mistresses of the house on their birthdays!

*Be sure to bring along proof of your date of birth.

*Birthday presents are available for three days: your birthday and the days immediately before and after it.

*When you come home to @Home Cafe, please let the nearest maid know if it is your birthday.

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